Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA

For this year’s fresh hop beer, we traveled down to Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon and picked up over 20lbs of fresh Amarillo hops from the hop farms operated by Coleman Farms.

The melon, stone fruit, and citrus aromas from the Amarillos are paired with spicy, fruity UK hops, malt, and yeast for a complex and flavorful mix of UK and US IPA styles.

5.5% ABV
70 IBUs

Zythos IPA

Zythos® is a new hop blend created specifically to showcase that distinct Pacific Northwest hop profile – pine, tangerine, and a little grapefruit. With a light maltiness and just a little wheat, the real star here is the hops.
6.6% ABV
66 IBUs

South African Kölsch

This hop-forward Kölsch was brewed with exclusively hops grown in South Africa. Newly available here, these unique hops impart clean, fruity flavors and aromas of ripe berries, stone fruits, currant, and some noble hop spice and earthiness in this light, easy-drinking Kölsch.
4.8% ABV
40 IBUs