Beer Releases

Colden Summer IPA

This cold and refreshing beer pairs perfectly with a nice rainy June afternoon on your patio. Listening to the torrential downpours as you wait for summer to officially start on the 4th. In the meantime get ready with this cold IPA to help transition from winter warmers to summer sippers.

The grain bill for this beer includes 70% pilsner malt and 30% rice syrup solids, lending to a drier finish.

The Weihenstephan yeast offers a good balance of floral and fruity aromas, and gives clean flavors that pairs wonderfully with the hop bill.

Centennial, Mosaic, Amarillo and a hopshot for good measure. Punching your palette with notes of stone fruit, pine, bubblegum and citrus. 

ABV 7.2%

IBU: 52

SRM: 5.4

Coffee Mug Porter

“Here a bean, there a bean, everywhere a mean, mean bean, chug – a – lug – o – my Coffee – mug, mug, mug, mug.” 

This newest beer to come out of the Garageland Series has not changed much since scoring an impressive 41/50 at the 2008 Oregon Brew Crew Fall Classic homebrew competition. Brewed using the finest Maris Otter (No. 19), caramunich, chocolate and black malts, this version however features an addition of Stumptown Cold Brewed, enhancing and adding notes of dark chocolate and roastness reminiscent of chocolate covered espresso bean.  

IBUs: 32

SRM: 36

ABV:  5.4%

Oatmeal Stout

This full-bodied yet smooth stout features wonderful nutty and toasted malt aroma, with flavors of chocolate, caramel and coffee from the use of PNW 2 row-malt, oats, layered with crystal malts and roasted barley. All supported by Fuggle and Willamette hops to provide needed balance, so fill your pint glass and find your spot next to the fire.

IBUs: 33.5

SRM: 46

ABV: 5.5%

Bye, Bye WOlf Extra Pale Ale

Like the bright golden sunrise over our beautiful City of Roses, even during the cloudiest days, this refreshing and brightly hopped pale ale rushes forward featuring 5 exceptional hop varieties selected to provide strong tropical and citrus aromas, with subtle stone fruit notes. Finishing crisp and clean, this quaffable hoppy pale ale is balanced with the finest floor-malted Oregon spring 2-row barley malt, lending a lightly sweet and biscuit backdrop that beckons another pint in celebration of a new day in our beloved city, free from the little Wolf.

ABV: 5.5 %
IBUs: 34.3
SRM: 4.7

Suggested Food Pairings: Killer Cauliflower, Yaquina Bay Clam Chowder, Dead Guy Fish & Chips

Suggested Soundtrack: Shock Troops (Cock Sparrer)