Drachenfels Kölsch

Drachenfels is a hill near Cologne, Germany, where kölsch originated. It is the site where Siegfried is claimed to have killed the dragon Fafnir who lived in a cave in the rock. We can’t be certain, but it is highly likely that he had a few pints after that incredible battle. Now you can too!

This is the “undisputed” champion of the Green Dragon Brewing 2018 Kölsch Klash.

Made with 70% FrancoBelg Pilsner malt, 25% Weyermann Vienna malt, a touch of Shaniko from Mecca Grade and finished with Styrian Golding hops, this is a crisp and refreshing version of the style that will make you wish you had witnessed the battle. Prost!

ABV: 5%
IBUs: 27