Lube For Life IPA

You know, when things are a bit rough, not really going all that well, and there is some burr under your saddle, you need something to smooth things out so you can enjoy the ride. Tonight’s beer is such potion and it sounds like what you need to do when adversity strikes.
Lube For Life!
You need to kick back with a pint of this beautiful NW IPA and get set for a smooth ride. Made from Gambrinus pale two-row malt and a small amount of malted wheat the beer shines through your glass with a golden hue and a creamy head.  With Magnum hops for a lasting bitter and Centenial/Cascade/Willamette hops for aroma and flavor, the LFL IPA showcases the bevy of hops without being overpowering.  A lovely drop to help you relax and enjoy a frictionless evening with your mates.
Lube For Life!
6.5% ABV
73 IBU