Awash in Russian Imperial Stout

Made with a nod to the sentiment that we were “awash in RIS” it just seemed right to make a RIS for batch 400. This beer traces its lineage to our famous “Descent Into Darkeness” with some changes to minimize the aging to smooth it out.
Six malts and three hops were carefully blended to produce this beer. Jet black in color and sporting a persistent bitter in the 50 IBU range this young Russian Imperial Stout pours with a creamy, persistent tan head. Although strong at 9.7% ABV, the bitter and huge malt bill balance the generous amount of ethyl alcohol this beer offers. The result is a classic, strong, smooth RIS which should be allowed to warm up to expose the layers of chocolate, vanilla and roasted coffee.  Drink with caution.
9.7% ABV
50 IBU