Fresh Hop Blonde

Gardeners all over Portland grow hop plants for their beauty, fragrance, and shade each year. Our guest tonight, a master organic gardener on the West side, grew the hops for this beer and contributed three pounds of Newport hops as well as one pound of Mt. Hood hops. We picked the hops in the afternoon and made this Fresh (hop) Blonde ale with them the next day. Roughly a bag of malted barley went in to the mash. To start the boil we added two ounces of Horizon hop pellets for a mild bittering. Then late in the boil we added the fresh hops for flavor and aroma. The intention was to make a clear, light golden (blonde) ale with the goodness of flavor and aroma from freshly harvested hops. Enjoy the bounty of the PNW garden in your glass.

ABV: 6.2%
IBUs: 45