Hot Mess Helles

Golden, malt-forward lager with subtle, spicy, noble hop presence.  Continental Pills Malt, German hops, Portland water and Bavarian lager yeast fermented warm yields a lightly fruity take on a crushable classic.

5.2% ABV
21 IBUs

Endless Sumer Farmhouse

A Blood Orange Farmhouse, created in collaboration with OHSU’s Pill Hill Brew Crew.

On any day of the year it’s summer somewhere in Portland, some would say. As the winner of Pill Hill Brew Crew’s first homebrew challenge, we present Ryan Willis’ farmhouse ale. This blood orange farmhouse ale highlights the adventures of OHSU’s homebrewers, who seek to create a community to actively propagate the culture of brewing science, technique, appreciation, and comaraderie among students, faculty, staff, and friends throughout Oregon. This unique farmhouse offers a sweet retreat from the dark, rainy fall days of the Pacific Northwest.

ABV: 5.8%
IBUs: 20

Debinator Doppelbock

Rich, bread crust malt aroma greets the nose at first pass. German Munich and Pils malt lay the full-bodied foundation accentuated by earthy and spicy German noble hops.  A crisp, clean finish belies the assertive strength of this delightful fall warmer. Prost!

ABV 8.1%

IBU 20